• Jin / Ian, no preference for either; he/him only.
  • ENG + FIL; studying JP + FR
  • 23 [1997.12.15]
  • CA, USA

dropout dev that makes spreadsheets about anime characters for the hell of it but groans about doing "real" "work". i also draw and occasionally write fic for fun but i more consistently like to poke at data. different localization approaches are also interesting to me! i promise this makes me seem like more of a stuck-up nerd than i am. mostly i just look at helios jpgs on my phone and weep incoherently


Please note that:

  • I don't post explicit NSFW on main, but my account is 17+ and I avoid interacting with minors.
  • I like talking to people! You're welcome to reply to me even if I'm not following you!
  • I only tag livetweets, but I avoid RTing most things which merit trigger warnings and will respect any requested. I do try to spoiler tag, but please be wary if you're sensitive to spoilers.
  • I don't want to associate with anyone that condones harassing real people over fictional characters. This runs the gamut from making death threats to constantly "dunking" on people. I don't care what you like or dislike as long as you respect other people's boundaries.
  • That said, while I am tired of fandom discourse, I do RT and talk about politics + social issues, though I try to limit that since I know nobody wants to hear about it from an anime icon lmao


Leonard Wright Jr., Faith Beams, Keith Max, Dino Albani

i am too lazy to figure out a nicer way to format this section rn, but some more of my faves include:

  • ena shinonome (prsk) and akito i guess
  • all of argonavis (aaside)
  • gaku yaotome (i7)
  • tenma sumeragi (a3)
  • mitile flores (mhyk)
  • dia kurosawa (llsif)
  • chisato shirasagi (bndr)
  • riddle rosehearts (twst)
  • leonie pinelli (fe3h)
  • caspar von bergliez (fe3h)


I may format this better someday but for now here is a list. In general I am fairly omnivorous and even if I'm not into something I'm still open to it. This is particularly pertinent to AAside and Mahoyaku, since I don't really ship anything in either franchise but will still consume shippy content.


  • Faith/Junior
  • Dino/Keith/Brad
  • Ren/Gast
  • Jay Shin
  • Victor/Gray
  • Akira/Junior
  • Will/Gast

Project Sekai

  • Airi/Ena
  • Akito/Mizuki
  • Touya/Tsukasa


  • Gaku/Ryuu
  • Yuki/Yamato