full payment is required upfront
current turnaround time: 2-4 weeks




  • black and white sketch
  • optional accent color


  • +$5 full ink and color
  • +$5 hand + optional prop

click thumbnails to expand and see how i would price them

$15 = $10 base price + $5 to include hand and prop
$15 = $10 base price + $5 full ink and color
$20 = $10 base price + $5 full ink and color + $5 to include hand



  • full ink and color
  • simple background


  • +$15 one extra character
  • +$25 two extra characters

click thumbnails to expand and see how i would price them

$50 = $25 base price + $15 extra character + ( $5 × 2 character ) complexity upcharge
$50 = $25 base price + $25 two extra characters

* detailed designs and larger crops are subject to a $5+ complexity upcharge per character



  • explicit sexual content
  • non-humanoid character designs
  • body horror or gore (injury negotiable)

I do not have the skillset necessary to illustrate any of the above.

  • Do you send WIPs?

    Not for bust sketches. I will send a confirmation sketch for other commissions before I proceed with inking, but please note that preliminary sketches will differ at least moderately from the final piece. This is the last point to make pose corrections. For waist crops, I will also confirm flat colors and lighting direction before I shade. No major lineart revisions.

  • What can I do with my commission?

    Use it anywhere, repost it, crop it, edit it in any way you please, but please link back to me or credit me somehow no matter what you do with it if you display it publicly. I will sign all work by default unless requested, but I still require credit for unsigned commissions.

    This only applies to pieces that you, specifically, commissioned. Please do not use, edit, or repost anything else I've drawn unless I explicitly give permission. Thank you!

  • What can you do with my commission?

    Choose whether or not to post the piece either by itself or as a batch with other commissioned pieces on my own social media or portfolio. I will state that the piece is a commission, but won't mention who commissioned it unless specifically requested to.

a commissioned bust sketch will be much cleaner and more refined than these

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If you're interested in a commission type not listed here, please DM me on twitter or email me for a quote!


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